Permafrost Carbon Network

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Network Organization


Dr. Edward (Ted) A.G. Schuur


Northern Arizona University, USA

Ted is the Principal Investigaor of the Permafrost Carbon Network and the lead of the Permafrost Action Team. He is a professor of Ecosystem Ecology with a special focus on the response of Arcitc ecosystems in a warmer world.

  Christina Schädel  

Dr. Christina SchÄdel


Northern Arizona University, USA

Christina is a co-Principal Investigator and the lead coordinator of the Permafrost Carbon Network and works as an Assistan Research Professor at Northern Arizona University. She performs data synthesis focused on the decomposability of permafrost carbon.


Steering Committee

We have a steering committee that is comprised of individuals that have been or currently are leading syntheses. They also represent strong linkages to other permafrost relevant organizations (e.g. International Permafrost Association), and span a range of science disciplines, national and international institutions, gender, and career stage.



Synthesis topic

Abbott, Ben

Brigham Young University, USA

Subsea permafrost, DOC

Ernakovich, Jessica

Univ. of New Hampshire, USA


Grosse, Guido

Alfred-Wegener Institute, Germany

Abrupt thaw

Hugelius, Gustaf

Stockholm University, Sweden

Carbon Pools

Koven, Charlie

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA

Model Integration

Lawrence, Dave

National Center of Atmospheric Research, USA

Model Integration & Development

Loranty, Michael

Colgate University, USA

Vegetation/temp coupling

Natali, Sue

Woodwell Climate Research Center, USA

Non-growing season fluxes

Olefeldt, David

University of Alberta, Canada

Methane, abrupt thaw

Treat, Claire

Alfred-Wegener Institute, Germany

Anaerobic emissions

Turetsky, Merritt

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Abrupt thaw

Wilson, Cathy

Los Alamos National Lab, USA



The Network is supported by experts on permafrost and carbon


Members of the Permafrost Carbon Network:

Currently, we have more than 500 members from 130 reserch institsutions located in 21 countries

The network is open for active participation. Please contact Ted Schuur or Christina Schädel if you would like to contribute data or become an active member of the network.



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